Scales. (sorrowfulangels) wrote,

Your favorite Christmas songs.

Here is a poll for you all.
I filled it out, and you should too!
They don't have to be your favorites of all time -- just three that you happen to like right now.

Be sure to include the singer / band that plays your favorite version!

Poll #1107788 Favorite Christmas songs.

Name your favorite Christmas song.

And another:

And a third?

Thanks. :]

Edit: I should've made four slots, because I forgot one of my absolute favorites -- Barenaked Ladies & Sarah McLaughlin // God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
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haha i'm retarded and failed to include the artists. The first one is off the album "christmas in the stars" its the starwars christmas cd- that song is sung by r2d2 and c3po. hahaha.

hark the harold angels sing I actually really only like it when my Dad sings it. When I was little my dad would let me stand on the pew next to him at the christmas eve service at church, and we'd sing that song, and I love it when my dad sings it to me. It's a cheesy thing, but it always makes me smile.

the last one, any version will do
I don't think I've ever heard the first one! And that's really something, since my dad is a huge Star Wars geek. I'll have to go looking for it, it sounds awesome!

That is such a cute memory. :] I wish I had a song with my dad!